Workshop on disability in three districts (Monggar, Pemagatshel & Trongsa)

ABS with support from UNICEF have been able to establish support group for families of children with disabilities in Dagana, Paro and Wangdue Dzongkhags so far. This year (2019), again with support from UNICEF, ABS further extended the support group for families/caregivers of children with disabilities in Monggar, Pemagatshel and Trongsa Dzongkhags. The workshop was facilitated by Ms. Jaishree, Special Educator from India and Ms. Beda Giri, Pediatric Physiotherapist.

Sensitization and consultation workshops were conducted to build the capacity of participants and create general awareness about disabilities in the community. Further, social network forum for Family Support Group was created and parent focal persons were appointed in the respective districts for further follow up and correspondence. There were around 133 participants in total from three Dzongkhags.