Most of us are capable of more than we believe

In Bhutan disability is very new and area of discussion. Despite having lots of developmental progress in education, industrial developmental, human resource, health but still Bhutan is lacking behind in terms of professionals and experts in the field of disability. ASB conducts various training to various group of people from community  grassroots workers to professionals at policy level.

  1. Trained 1O Special Need School teachers in the field of child protection for children with disabilities
  2. Trained
  3. Trained 30 caregivers in the areas of Understanding Autism
  4. Trained 30 caregivers in the field of  Child Development
  5. Trained more than 40 parents in the field of child protection
  6. Trained 11 caregivers in “ More than words” Training   (Program by  Hanen Center in Canada )