Working closely with SNV Bhutan

The collaborative work with SNV Bhutan and service providers of persons with disabilities in Bhutan has enabled more understanding on various factors that needs to be looked upon and has widened the reach.
We look forward to continue working closely with SNV Bhutan and other stakeholders to reach out to many beneficiaries, educating on the importance of WASH especially for persons with disabilities who are more vulnerable.
Thank you SNV for the news coverage:
“SNV in Bhutan’s collaboration with Ability Bhutan Society (ABS) and Disabled People’s Organization of Bhutan (DPO) started in 2015. In the beginning, we partnered on research. Together, we explored what made it difficult for people with disabilities in rural Bhutan to use toilets or wash their hands with soap. Today, we do not only conduct joint research to guide different types of sanitation and hygiene adaptions or technologies. Importantly, we are making sure that people with disabilities have a say in decision-making and planning over water, sanitation, and hygiene services and systems…” (SNV) click here for more information.