Visit by GLRA(German Leprosy and Relief Association)

GLRA India was founded in 1966 by Mr. Hermann Kober and Mr. William Gershon and has been working in India since last 50 years with the core objectives of care and support to people affected by Leprosy, Tuberculosis and Disabilities through medical treatment and social rehabilitation. GLRA’s vision is a world in which no one suffers from Leprosy, TB and poverty-related diseases, and the consequences of physical disability and social exclusion.
Mr. Shibu V. George, Project Manager of GLRA India and Mr. Shubhankar Pal, Senior Accountant of GLRA East Region came to ABS for a two day visit from 26th June-27th June for an assessment, meeting and discussion for future collaboration between GLRA India and ABS. Mr. Shibu and Mr. Shubhankar met with the ABS team on the 26th of June and had a series of discussion on how to go about with the project. On the morning of the 27th of June, the team had a meeting with stakeholders who are working in the field of disability (MoWHS, DPAB and MOH) and discussed on the possibilities of collaborations when the project gets incepted. In the evening, the team and the Board of Trustees had a meeting. Mr. Shibu gave a presentation on GLRA India followed by a presentation on the proposal of the project. The Board and the team discussed on the project proposal and had a fruitful meeting.