Training on EISR

A training on Early Identification and Safety referrals (EISR) on child protection was coordinated by ABS to further built up the capacity of the staff and interns of ABS to address child protection issues while working with children with disabilities. The training was conducted by officials from National Commission for Women and Children – NCWC, Bhutan with support from UNICEF Bhutan.

The training was very helpful as being aware about early identification of child abuse can really help to minimize the long term effect of physical, verbal, emotional and sexual abuses. Identifying children in difficult circumstances (CIDC) and children in conflict with the law (CICL) and accordingly learning the guiding principles for responding has thrown light to the participants. Especially children with disabilities are more vulnerable to being a victim of such abuses thus it is very important to observe their behaviour, continue with home visits and refer them to competant authority. Participants were also engaged in a role play to understand the responsibilities and situation of a frontliner and a child who is being abused. Mrs. Bishnu, Social Worker of ABS who played the role as a frontliner said, “it was very difficult to have the child trust me as he was already having trauma from physical abuse so i feel we need to be very sensitive and gain their trust before we can ask anymore questions”. Similarly another role play was played by another group. Mrs. Pema Yuden, Social Worker of ABS played the role of a child who was being abused. As she got into the character, she became emotional and could empathize the child’s condition based on the experience she had experienced in reality. It was a frutiful learning for all staff especially for the interns of ABS. We would like to express our gratitude to NCWC for arranging the time to visit at the center and train the staff and interns on the rising issues and UNICEF for funding support.