Review meeting of FSP

All the activities carried out every month as part of the family support program (FSP) was reviewed yesterday (25/10/2019). Ms. Jayasheree, volunteer in ABS along with the social workers and other volunteers of ABS has been working tremendously hard, striving to empower parents/caregivers by organizing various activities till date. Starting from blind folding activity, shopping game, fashion show to exposing them to entrepreneurship, all added to team work and growing within. Parents/caregivers were equally supportive in making family support program a successful one. At the end of the day, each parent was asked to reveal one thing that their child is able to do and is proud of. The list came flooding as parents said “singing, dancing, organizing things, eating, toileting…”

In the midst of focusing what our children cannot do, we often forget what they can do. Appreciate your child’s ability and support their potential. Everyone grows up to become somebody.