A shopping game with the children and parents was played at ABS on 3rd May. The children were given some money before they entered the shop. As the children saw baskets full of fruits, vegetables and snacks, their smitten smile lingered, and their tummy grumbled. They knew they had to grab a bite or at least hold it, but the shopkeepers just wouldn’t let them have it. Some cried, some ran over to the parents to ask for it and some simply stared.  But they were simply not given. Then the parents were asked to let their child give the shopkeepers the money as per the prize given. The children gave the money and they had what they wanted. In the next round, they instantly gave the shopkeeper the money and pointed at the food they wanted. They knew, they had to pay to buy and to eat! It was a whole new experience for the children to understand the concepts of money and buying. Mrs. Jayashree, special educator and a volunteer at ABS with the help of social workers organized this activity and ended the day with much anticipation for next round.