Parent’s Meeting

The first parent’s meeting of the ABS for the year 2019 was conducted on 4th March 2019. A total of 15 parents were involved in the discourse of facilitating clinical activities.

The Executive Director shared the importance of parent’s involvement during the interventions. It is decided that parents will equally be involved in the need-based intervention process after few months in order to support the children and help improve their performances. This was being initiated to have more participation from the parents and as a way of stepping forward to being independent even if social workers are not involved. After few months, social workers will act as a facilitator while parents do the need-based intervention in the ABS Centre and at home.


The timing for the need-based intervention is scheduled in two sessions as follows:

Session Time
Morning 9.30am-12:30 am
Afternoon 2:00pm- 4:45pm


Each session will have children divided into three classrooms depending on their needs. The intake of new children with disabilities is scheduled on every Friday.

Conveyance for pick-up and drop-off by High roof bus donated by the Rotary Club of Taichung Chung Shin, Taiwan to children with disabilities will be provided by ABS after the recruitment of a driver. The parents will be involved in entrepreneurial programs such as making carry bags from waste re-cycling to support fueling for the bus.

Five parent representatives were nominated among whom three will be elected during the Annual General Meeting on 31st March 2019.