Fashion show

“Jarim Dusa, Jarim Dusa, who’s that girl?; Jarim Dusa, Jarim Dusa, who’s that boy?” With the beat of each sound, excitement filled the hall, the crowd cheering and the children waving their hands up in the air. They walked on stage with their parents/caregivers besides, equally enjoying the moment. Children were all dressed up to showcase the garden theme, by which showered their beauty with their magnificent beam. Oh, what a sight that filled everyone’s eyes with delight. The first stage performance (fashion show) by the children of ABS at Changangkha MSS. However, children were not the only one who had fun today but parents who were engaged to a surprise PT exercise were also entertained.

Following the program, Mrs. Pema Yuden from ABS and Ms. Tashi Yuden from DPAB presented on the importance of early intervention and social inclusion to the parents of ABS and Changangkha MSS. “I did not know about the child’s developmental milestone and importance of early intervention until today. It is very essential for every parents of children with and without disabilities to be aware in order to provide early intervention” a parent said.

We would like to extend our gratitude to Mr. Nyendo, Principal of CMSS and a Board member of ABS, teachers, Mrs. Jayasheree, parents, children and ABS team for making the day a successful one.  Around 50 participants attended the program today (29/08/2019).

Tomorrow, a team from Disaster Management will be coming to ABS to present on the disaster prevention; a continuous program to Family Support Program.