Family Support Program for the month of May

Children are the most precious gifts of all. What sometimes are taught by parents are sometimes is taught by the children. Their innocence reminds us of the world that they are yet to explore and a fright it develops within as to what may become of them if they are to fall the victims of us. We define a society but we leave the society to define our children. Children regardless of their gender, colour or their disability needs guidance. A short film was shown to the parents about child molestation and it was reminded that it could happen to anyone, be it a girl or a boy. Believing that a child with disability cannot understand and neglecting to advise should be evaded. Rather, they should be constantly reminded and a trust should be built between parents and their children so that the children will come forward and share.  A difference between a good touch and bad touch should clearly be distinguished to them.

Another video was shown about the chess player Darpan Inani who is visually impaired. He stressed that visibility is not important while playing chess but a vision that is created in his mind is vital. He is the first person with visual impairment to win against a sighted player in the Creon Open in France in the rating category in 2018. Likewise, parents were encouraged to look into their child’s ability and have them engage in group activity as to build their self-esteem.

Moreover, the social workers involved the parents in an activity. They were asked to put a sock on one of their hand and with it button the coat within one minute. Another activity was conducted having parents to call out the colours instead of reading the names. To understand a child with disability and their difficulty is vital to assist them.

Tomorrow, parents and their children along with staffs of ABS will be going out to watch a movie at Lugar Theatre for exposure and new experience for the children as continuations to Family Support Program conducted today (31/05/2019).  Ability Bhutan Society would like to thank Dasho Sangay Tsheltrim for your benevolent support in funding for the tickets on behalf of the children, parents and staffs. Thank you for providing this opportunity to have the children be exposed to something new.