Compassionate Volunteers

In continuation to the training organized by ABS on a basic training to assist and provide right support services to persons with disabilities in case of a lock down on 4th May, ABS decided to engage the volunteers during weekends as well as on weekdays when they are free, to familiarize the environment they are expected to support. All the volunteers are divided into teams, each guided by a social worker of ABS. Only one volunteer is being engaged at one client’s home for few hours in order to avoid any distractions that may cause the child and for safety. Few volunteers visited few client’s homes/work place on Saturday (9/5/20) and Sunday (10/5/20).  They got to experience the difficulties, comprehend the situation and built on the enthusiasm to work in this field.   They were thrilled to be able to help parents/caregivers with household works and play with the children.

Jigme Dorji was one of the clients, a volunteer and an ABS staff visited to. They visited his mother’s work place at Centenary Farmer’s market. Jigme’s mother has to always bring him along when she goes to work. She knows it is not safe for him but she has no other choice. She strives to sell vegetables as well as look after him. He would be seated on a chair whole day and have nothing to engage in. Thus, ABS has helped set up a mat and bought toys so that he can occupy himself and play comfortably. Furthermore, ABS and volunteer also helped them shift to the new apartment. It is cozier and more spacious than before. ABS supported in buying basic things. In addition, they received TV as donation.

We would like to thank Mrs. Beda Giri, Mr. Tamiki and all the volunteers who have sacrificed the time to come during weekends and other volunteers who will be joining in the next weekends to support the family members of children/people with disabilities.