Children at home during covid-19 pandemic

The satisfaction of being able to make a difference and the smile that follows with it are the greatest gifts one can achieve. This year’s covid 19 pandemic has given us an opportunity to have a different outlook in life and explore on services that never would have been a priority but most importantly it has taught us the value of life. The life that we all live to survive- to eat, drink, communicate, participate.
For children with disabilities require extra attention to carry out the activities, need constant care and patience. They may need a little support but that doesn’t make their life any different than the rest. They live to make friends, participate and contribute. And just like all, they live to survive!
Not being able to come for daily intervention at the center has been very stressful for parents/caregivers and a concern for ABS. However, the social workers of ABS have been constantly keeping in touch with them virtually and working hard to extend the services to the best of their ability. The communication material with support from UNICEF Bhutan has been developed for children to engage at home.
We were able to distribute the material just in time before the second phase lock down and we are very pleased to see that it is being well utilized. Parents/caregivers have also been very supportive by engaging their child.