His Eminence GYALWA DOKHAMPA visited ABS Center to meet with children and their families on the 12th of July. His Eminence shared insightful wisdoms and provided moral support to the children and families. His Eminence Gyalwa Dokhampa  converse on how to advise families who often say that they prefer to first get blessings to rid any negative karma for the child with delays/disabilities before they consider seeking treatment. It was shared that this has been a major challenge as we know the importance of early intervention and how delaying treatment in the early years of a child’s life (i.e. 0-5years) can be detrimental. He therefore supports early intervention and advises that one can get blessings anytime. His Eminence also expressed that when people want to do a positive deed, they need not always have to look for a monk or go to temple rather they can help individuals with disabilities. Disabilities or abilities depends on our own perceptions

The entire ABS family was moved by His Eminence’s message and presence.

ABS thanks His Eminence Gyalwa Dokhampa and Dragon Yogis Retreat participants for showering us with their love and support. Thank you for bring joy and happiness in our children’s life.