Appreciation to the Rotary Club, Taiwan

Ability Bhutan Society received in 2018 a Toyota High Roof Bus as a donation by the Rotary Club of Taichung Chung Shin, Taiwan to be operated solely for the children with disabilities and their family members. The bus is convenient in availing pick and drop service for children and parents.

The bus has come in very handy while picking and dropping up parents who had difficulty in transportation to come during events. It was well utilized during the National Children’s Day of Bangladesh which was celebrated in ABS, World Down Syndrome Day which was observed in the Centenary Park and during the World Autism Awareness Day observed in Changangkha Middle Secondary School, Buddha Point and at the Memorial Chorten. It was convenient for parents and children to come and observe the events at different locations and have the bus available. The parents expressed their gratitude in providing them the conveyance,

In the parents’ meeting with ABS staff, it was decided that the pick and drop service during the morning session and afternoon session in ABS Centre will be availed after the recruitment of a driver. Parents will be engaged in entrepreneurial programs such as making carry bags from waste re-cycling to support fueling for the bus.

ABS would like to thank the Rotary Club for their generosity and providing the facility to be availed by the family members and children of ABS. It is definite that the bus has been and will be useful in providing future service for the children of ABS and their family members.